Testimonials from our best friends!

Mickey and Minnie

“I’m going to be honest – I was pretty hesitant to use a pet sitter to watch my pets for the week that I was out of town. I had never left my pets with strangers, and the idea that I would leave my keys with a stranger with the freedom to come into my home whenever was a little bit scary.

After looking through Yelp reviews for a good pet sitting company, I decided to put my faith with Lucy Goo – and I was not disappointed at all. I loved that they were so quick with communication. I had absolutely no problem getting a hold of anyone by phone or by email. I really appreciated the daily visit reports.

My sitter (Kelly) was really detailed about providing me information about how my dogs were doing. She was really thorough with taking care of my two dogs – even though I know my dogs aren’t the easiest to look after. One of my dogs, unfortunately, got sick towards the end of the week while in her care. She was quick to contact me about his condition and offered extra help if I wanted.

Overall, it was a really great experience and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”

– Mollie A.


“Lucy Goo Pet Sitting did an amazing job taking care of my cat while I was away on vacation!  I really appreciate the communication and the professionalism they provided and I will be using their services again!

– Chris S.


“This review has been a long time coming! I have been using Lucy Goo’s superior services since my 1-year-old Goldendoodle was a brand new little pup. One of his absolute favourite people in the world is Mercy, who is sent to us weekly from Lucy Goo. Both Mercy and Nicole have been more than accommodating to my scheduling requests and are kind, warm and wonderful to be around.

I cannot recommend their services enough!

Thanks for everything Nicole and Mercy!”

– Nadia L.


“We have been beyond pleased with Lucy Goo! They are reliable, professional and caring– I have no doubt that they take good care of my baby. We highly recommend their services!”

-Joelle T.

Tobey and Sasha

“The Lucy Pet Sitting team has taken great care of my two dogs for quite some time. I travel a ton for work and they have always been reliable, flexible, and professional. Its a great feeling to know your pets are with loving and trustworthy individuals. Highly recommended!

-Natalie M.

The Fluff, Sammi, Charlie + Dogs: Cu, Kia

“We just used these folks to take care of our 9-year old lab and three cats, and will definitely use them again. Nicole met us before the trip and spent a good hour reviewing all the details on our pets’ particulars on food, walks, vets, as well as details on mail, papers, and trash pickup.”

“While we were gone, we received several email updates. At home, we found notes left on each day for each visit. Our lab is a bit on the nervous side and has exhibited a bit of anxiety when we’ve returned from other trips with other sitters. This time, she was completely calm – as if we never had left.  Cat boxes were perfectly clean and cats had been brushed daily.”

“Garbage had been taken out and mail neatly organized.  I highly recommend this service!”

-Marianne S

Ali and Che

“I truly appreciate how flexible she is; she has been much more accommodating of last minute schedule changes than the last service I used.  I’ve recommended Lucy Goo to a number of friends, all of whom have been just as happy with their experience.”

Allissa P.

Ginger and Pearl

“Great, great pet sitting company. Nicole is great with animals and puts just as much love and attention toward the pets she takes care of as she does into her own pets! Definitely a trustworthy company. When leaving town, you will feel your pets are in great hands!

I’ve been using Lucy Goo for daily dog walks and pet sitting for over a year now–I could not be happier.  Nicole goes above and beyond to accommodate my schedule and make sure my dog gets plenty of attention while I’m at work.  She frequently spends extra time with him during the day. “

-Suzy A.



“I have never had an issue with this group of pet visit angels. Nicole Bruder, the owner, personally cared for my pets and made me feel so at ease with being away from them. This is a business where you must interview the workers, and if you meet any of the Lucy Goo staff, you will never go to another company for your loved pets!”

-Wendy M.


“I have used Lucy Goo for the last 5 years since moving to Houston.  I have always been pleased and thankful for their services.  I used them as daily walkers since my work days are incredibly long most days and I’ve also used their boarding services as well as multiple daily walks while I’m away for a few days.  I’ve occasionally happened to be home for one reason or another when the walker comes and Bouncer is ALWAYS elated to see her friend come through the door. “

“Unfortunately, we have moved outside of the coverage area recently and my dog truly seemed to be grieving the loss of her friend Andrew (her daily walker).  Thankfully when I was in a bind and needed to be out of town and my care plans for her had fallen through at the last minute, Lucy Goo, Nicole, and Andrew saved the day by making an exception and traveling outside of their coverage area for just a couple days for us.  I can’t help but think that Bouncer wanted to tell Andrew how much she missed him and how thankful she was that her mama finally gave him our new address!”

“Thanks for years of fantastic service Lucy Goo!”

-Tarah A.



“We’ve used Nicole for years to take care of our cat Hamlet when we go on long vacations. Hamlet is a finicky cat with a revenge streak but seems very happy and calm whenever we come back to our home from wherever we’ve been. She leaves a report telling what she’s done – when she stopped by – and how Hamlet’s behavior was.”

“I would trust Lucy Goo with any of our beloved animals without hesitation.”


“I have used Lucy Goo as my pet sitter for my loving-yet-neurotic cat every time I go out of town. As a result of my cat’s finicky nature, I have to leave several (and by several I mean about a page and a half worth) of instructions on what to do etc.”

“I have found that my instructions are always followed.”

“In fact, my cat seems to love the run of the house while I am out of town, having Lucy Goo sitters taking care of all of his ‘chores’ without the burden of living full time with other humans.  Ha!”

I recommend Lucy Goo, if they can please my cat, they are skilled sitters!

-Craig and Heather P.

Daisy, Winston, Sierra and Sunny

“Nicole, Juli and “Team Goo” are amazing!! I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a pet sitting company they can trust. They are affordable, reliable and trustworthy, and they have been very flexible and accommodating during times that my travel plans have been unexpectedly extended. I even get pictures and visit updates emailed to me every time they walk my pups! Thank you!!”

-Rachel M.

Lily, Oliver, Max, Rocky, Louie and Isabelle

“We’ve been using Lucy Goo for a few years and are extremely pleased with their services. We had 1 very old Pomeranian who required a lot of meds and could trust Becca to administer the meds properly and treat him lovingly and gently. We currently have 2 rambunctious Chihuahua mixes and can count on Nancy to give them enough love, attention, and walks. We also have 4 very fussy cats who are all comfortable with Nancy (which is saying a lot!). It’s a pleasure working with them and HIGHLY recommend their services.”

-M. A


“The Lucy Goo team is outstanding. I felt so comfortable leaving my little high maintenance Yorkie with them. They treated Milo like their own and went out of their way to make me feel better. Nicole was just a text, email, phone call away and she and her team would always send me pictures throughout their time with him to keep in touch. I’m so grateful for their care. Milo recently passed away, and they even made donations in his honor to the SPCA. I am humbled by this caring group of people and will definitely rely on them when it’s time to get a new little doggie. I love them so much!”

-Kristin B.

Ollie and Blackie

“Lucy Goo Pet Sitting is amazing! Very detailed and precise when caring for your pet(s). They learn everything about them, from their temperament to their feeding schedule, and beyond. I will always trust them with my pet sitting needs. They definitely make leaving your furry friends home a lot easier! They also update you via email each time they visit your pet, which is greatly appreciated.

Go team Goo!”

-Julianne T.

Logan and Riley

Lucy Goo is THE place to look if you want a reliable dog walker or sitter. They care about my dogs just as much as I do and might spoil them more than I do. All of the walkers and sitters are so loving and caring and I would recommend them to anyone! 

They have taught my dogs how to pose for all the great pics they send after each visit and they’ve even cleaned up messes my dogs have made before. 

I can’t say enough amazing things about this company and these people!

In my opinion, Lucy Goo is the best pet sitting company in Houston (my dogs and I have been here for 8 years and have tried 3 other pet sitters before landing on Lucy Goo).  They are professional, reliable and caring.  A few of the things they do that I really appreciate: they double leash the dogs to ensure they can’t break away, carry protection in case another dog is coming in to attack, give the dogs plenty of love when they visit, leave clean and fresh food and water bowls, send updates every time they see the dogs with a write up of activities and pictures.  Also, if they ever need to bring a new sitter into my home to care for the dogs, Nicole (the owner) always reaches out to me first to make sure I am okay with it. “

-Kayli M.

Kegger and Morrison

“I recently went on a two and a half week vacation and left my pups in their care.  When I returned, the dogs greeted me as if I had just come home from work.  I’m not going to lie, at first I was a little surprised (what the heck, guys?).  They are usually ecstatic when I return from vacation.  Then I realized that the Lucy Goo team had done such an INCREDIBLE job that my dogs barely even missed me.”

:).  Thank you, Lucy Goo!

-Julia G.

Buddy Willis

“Lucy Goo and team have been my dog walker for the past 2 years. They have always provided great service. I would recommend them to anyone.”

-Wade T.


“Lucy Goo has been walking my mini schnauzer for over a year now. They have been entirely consistent with their services and very responsive! I live in a large complex so sometimes we see Lucy Goo walkers when I am walking my pup, she is always so glad to see them and it warms my heart! She generally ignores strangers, so she clearly recognizes them and is happy to see them:). They provide a brief summary of her activities and a photo as well.”

-Jordana G.


“I travel with my dog Jetson all over the USA working on the Broadway Musical ‘Wicked”. Lucy Goo Pet Sitting was a lifesaver for me during our 6 weeks stay in Houston! Nicole was able to accommodate my out of ordinary schedule and be fully committed knowing we were only able to use her for 6 weeks. Jetson loved their time together and I always looked forward to coming home and reading about the many adventures he had with Nicole. I use pet sitters all over the country and Lucy Goo far and away was the best service I have found anywhere. Houston pet owners really have a gem in Nicole and her services with Lucy Goo! Thank you for everything and we Miss You!”



“Amazing service by Team Goo.  Nicole, Juli, Liz and Allison went above and beyond to care for our senior Papillon while I was away.  Yes, I was apprehensive and my husband was a nervous wreck, but after a few days including photos and reports about our doggie, we were relaxed and relieved that we found this amazing company.  Professional, prompt, trustworthy, kind and loving.  And our shy, unsociable dog loved the attention, too.”

-Carla F.


“What a great team!!

I have been using Lucy Goo Pet Sitting ever since I brought home my Swissy puppy in June and could not ask for a greater pet sitter. Nicole is so dependable and is committed to making sure my puppy is taken care of when I am not able to make it home midday.”

-Kirsten R.

Felix and Gus

“This was my first time to use LucyGoo. I have used several other pet sitters in the past but this was by far the best! I have a senior cat who is very set in his ways and they catered to him like a king! I came home to a very happy cat that I’m pretty sure didn’t miss me much with all the attention he got from LucyGoo!! :)”

-Amber K.

La La

“Lucy Goo has taken great care of our pets for years. It’s such a relief to know that when I am out of town our dogs and cats and rats are well taken care of. Can’t thank you enough Nicole!”



“I’m on the road 52 weeks a year touring with a Broadway musical (WICKED 1st National Tour). I travel with my Whippet, Seamus and am constantly looking for good pet care for him in the cities we play. I’ve seen it all, and have even written, and had published, an article on traveling with pets. In Houston, you are lucky to have one of the best dog walkers in the country. Seamus adored Nicole right from the start and I never worried for a moment that he wasn’t in the best of hands – safe, playing hard and returned to me exhausted and happy. Nicole was also excellent in communicating with me about my ever-changing schedule and was extremely flexible. Use Lucy Goo – you and your dog won’t be disappointed.”


Mingus and Jefferson

“Nicole has been a lifesaver, a reliable caregiver to our two precious dogs. Best of all she treats our boys like her own and we always feel comforted knowing she’s looking after them. In addition to her daily walks, Nicole has been amazing during home sits while we’re out of town. We’ve been through many dog walkers over the past 7 years and nobody comes close to the service we get from Lucy Goo. I give Nicole and her team the highest recommendation possible.”

-Douglas and Marcy

(the late) Squeaky

“Nicole sat for our dear Squeaky, our elderly cat who required twice-daily visits for feeding and medication. She took care of her like she was her own and spent lots of extra time cuddling with her. Her fur would be SO SOFT from all the extra brushing when we returned home.

Sadly she passed away recently but Nicole was so thoughtful in her remembrance of Squeaky. I guarantee you could find no one else in town to give your pet the care and attention you’ll get from Lucy Goo!”


Thor, Kikyo, Luna, Pumpkin, Bull, and Shredder

“Nicole, You did a fabulous job! We could tell our pups were VERY happy and well taken care of. Thank you so, so, so much! Having you is going to make leaving town SO much better.

We all love Lucy Goo!!!! My babies were the happiest I have ever seen them after a long vacation! 🙂 Thank you for all the extra things you did like picking up our packages and crating Kikyo at night, etc.

It was much appreciated! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!!! I am so happy we found your service! :)”


Ollie and Fox

“If you need a pet sitter, Nicole is absolutely the best in town! She stays with your pets an hour each time she comes to your place and she brushes, walks, and snuggles them! She even leaves pet “report cards” for each visit to tell you what happened while you were gone, and she runs an entirely green eco-friendly business.”


Emmett and Little Kitty

“Lucy Goo Pet sitting is by far the best pet sitting company I have dealt with. Truly great people who treat your home and pets as their own. We have used Nicole on multiple occasions. Every time we come home from a trip you can tell our cats were well taken care of. They were even able to accommodate last minute plans when I needed to head out of town for the weekend on short notice. If you need a pet sitter, Lucy Goo is the place to go in Houston!”


Odie, Ruben, and Frankie

“Nicole, you are the best! Thank you for taking such great care of my boys. I’m much more relaxed while out of town when I know you’re there. I think they’re counting down the days until they get to see you again!!”