Nicole Bruder Gillis owner and founder of Lucy Goo Pet Sitting

As founder and owner of Lucy Goo Pet Sitting, Nicole believes that all living creatures, as well as the Earth, should be treated with kindness and respect. Wanting to do more to preserve the world in which our wonderful pets live in, she felt a need for an eco-friendly pet business, and thus began Lucy Goo Pet Sitting.

Nicole has a master’s degree in early childhood education and an extensive background working with young children. Throughout her career as a teacher, she arranged for many animals to visit the children in her classroom, including baby emus, a giant turtle, and a pot-bellied pig. Additionally, she scheduled ‘zoo’ days, where the children were encouraged to bring in their own pets. Each child was responsible for a written biography of their pet, and a report about their species. Knowing more about their pets helped the children to understand them. Knowing more about our earth will hopefully aide us in saving it.

Nicole Bruder Gillis is the founder of the Professional Pet Sitters of Texas Association and has published many articles in Houston PetTalk Magazine. Oh, and by the way … ALL her pets are rescues.