Going green is so easy, even your pets can do it.

Lucy Goo Pet Sitting is eco-friendly! We not only love our pets, we cherish our Earth. Our business practices include, among other things, recycling and using recycled products in our office. We like to conduct business electronically as much as possible to cut down on paper usage. We use natural, organic, and recyclable materials such as biodegradable doggie-doo bags and cleaners, and are always on the lookout for new ways of protecting the environment.

Don’t believe us, check out this video posted by The Daily Puglet.

Houston pets bundle up for wintry week

❄⛄ An adorable reminder to KEEP WARM this cold, cold winter week! Special thanks to our viewers for sending us these awesome pictures!

Posted by CW39 on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Michael the Great  – a Chi-Wow-Wow!

Michael the Great is one of Nicole Bruder Gillis’ dogs. Michael was originally named ‘Mikey’, but soon after he became a part of the Lucy Goo family, we all could see his big personality break out, thus ‘Michael the Great’ was born. Michael decided he needed to conquer the world and started his own Twitter account!

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